MOGAI-archive was the first good archive of MOGAI genders, orientation, etc. The blog was active on Tumblr for less than a year, with their activity spanning from June 2014 through March 17, 2015. It’s unknown when the blog began posting, as the blog was deleted and there are fairly few reblogs of their posts.

During the short time they were active, the blog coined 229 terms in total. Because of them being the first large MOGAI archive blog and coining as many terms as they did, the blog and it’s content are the basis for the MOGAI community today.

Despite MOGAI-archive’s effect on the MOGAI community today and how much it set it up and contributed to it, the blog is now largely remembered negatively, due to a disastrous and messy end to the once beloved archive blog.

The name of this blog is also what inspired the name of MOGAI-watch, meaning she was watching the activity of MOGAI-archive, rather than essentially stalking MOGAI blogs and people, as some believe.[1]

The Moderators

Because of there being essentially no trace of the blog left on Tumblr, we don’t know much about the moderators. With what is left, we do know this much. The blog started out being run by Mod Cade and Mod Zody[2]. At some point, Mod Zody left, with the number of mods growing to seven not long after. Other than that, all we know are the mod's names and pronouns at the time:

  • Cade: Ey/Em (originally wy/wyr/wym/wymself[3])
  • E: Ze/Zer
  • Xjin: He/Vaer/Vis
  • Obi: She/They/Fae
  • Ezra: It/Itself
  • Noah: He/Him
  • Alex: He/They

The End of MOGAI-archive

Part One: Mod Ezra Deletes MOGAI-archive

On March 17, 2015, Mod Ezra deleted MOGAI-Archive out of disgust, after someone posted the term “panplatonic” to the blog. Mod Ezra described the decision, saying this[4]):

  • E | ze/zer
  • Xjin | he/vaer/vis
  • Obi| she/they/fey
  • Ezra | it/itself
  • Noah | he/him
  • Alex | he/they

The Deletion of MOGAI-archive

Part One: Mod Ezra Deletes the Blog

On March 17, 2015 the MOGAI-archive blog was deleted by Mod Ezra (Ezrawave) due to the posting of the term "panplatonic", despite them not actually being the creator of the blog. Ezra later put out a statement, giving their reasoning for deleting the blog. Even with panplatonic being what pushed them to delete the blog, Ezrawave also gives a few other reasons for them finally deciding to delete the blog.[5]

Mod ezras message.png

The term panplatonic was later posted to new-mogai-archive, causing Ezra to respond on a personal Tumblr blog that “THIS POST WAS THE REASON I DELETED MOGAI ARCHIVE.”[6] This is the last time (that’s currently known) that Ezrawave has mentioned the blog.

Part Two: The Blog Gets “Hacked”

Making things more confusing, someone grabbed the MOGAI-Archive URL before Ezra (Ezrawave) could grab it. This person claimed, falsely, that they hacked the the MOGAI-Archive blog and caused it to be deleted. Roughly around March 18, 2015, the self proclaimed “hacker” said this on the blog, funnily enough, referencing the term panplatonic[7]:

The hackers message.png

Even though the hacking was fake, a number of Tumblr users believed that it actually happened.[8]

Part Three: The Psy Fanblog

Some time around March 26, 2015, after the “hacker’s” time on the blog, another Tumblr user grabbed the URL and turned it into a Psy (Gangnam Style artist) fanblog.[9][10][11][12][13]

Part Four: The New Mods and Bofa-Gate

After the Psy fanblog was deleted, two new mods who went by the names Treant and Chicken[14] took over the blog. This happened in either late April or early May. At first, the new mods tried to run the blog the way it had been in the beginning with the original mods, with people submitting terms to be archived by the blog. However, unlike the original MOGAI-Archive moderators, the new duo worked on shutting down and weeding out the obvious troll submissions that the original mods fell for.[15]

All of that changed on May 5, 2015, when the mods took the request for a troll gender seriously- the gender in question being Bofa-gender. Right after that happened, the moderators put out a statement, that they would only be posting MOGAI headcanon posts, rather than terms as they had.[16]

Treant and chickens statement.png

Not long after that statement, the blog was deleted entirely.

MOGAI-archive Copy-Cat Blogs

After MOGAI-archive, a number of copy-cat blogs rushed to fill the void in the MOGAI community that was left by the blog.


Alignment-Archive[17] was made the day before MOGAI-Archive was deleted, though, in all likelihood, not by Ezrawave.[18] This was one of the extremely short lived blogs.


New-mogai-archive is yet another short-lived attempt to replace the original MOGAI-archive. The blog reposted the term panplatonic, causing ezrawave to state that the term is the reason that the first MOGAI-archive was deleted to begin with.[19]


Themogai-archive[20][21]as another short attempt to recreate MOGAI-archive. All the content was posted in less than a week, spanning from between April 7 to April 13, 2013. Most of the archived content archived from the blog consists of one of the moderators (Mod Virgil) and some of their friends harassing and suiciding another moderator for being “transphobic,” purely for her trauma around typically male genitalia [22]


The blog ran for nearly two years, with it’s run spanning from April 2015 to January 2017, making it the longest running blog on this list. However, it was primarily inactive during that time period.[23][24]

Variant-Archive and lgbtqiarchive

While not necessarily made to replace MOGAI-archive, these two blogs fall into a similar category as the blog and have been the best and longest running MOGAI archive blogs since the original. While lgbtqiarchive[25] also collects flags from the general LGBT community and for their terms, as well as flag redesigns and often edits, Variant-Archive[26] seems to hold more closely to the original MOGAI-archive in only having MOGAI coining posts on the blog.

They’re also currently the two best resources for MOGAI genders, orientations, and general terms.


Other than Varient-Archive and lgbtqiarchive, there are a number of other term collecting and archive esqe Tumblr blogs, through most of them don't have the same giant library of terms as those two. These blogs include sunset-mogai-archive[27], mogay-hell[28], and other similar accounts.

Terms They've Coined or Helped Coin

During its run, MOGAI-Archive coined just shy one of 230 terms, which helped build the community to where it is today. Their terms are listed below.

  1. Abimegender: a gender identity that feel profound, deep, or infinite. Can be used by itself or as a prefix to describe another gender (abimegirl, abimeagender, etc.)
  2. Adamasgender: a gender that refuses to be categorized and that in it of itself is its indomitable essence. from the greek root ADAMAS [meaning: untameable]
  3. Aesthetigender: a gender experience that is derived from, or the embodiment of, an aesthetic.
  4. Aethergender: a gender that feels very wide, commanding, breathtaking and powerful, linked to the vast expanse of space. can be used as aethergirl/boy/nonbinary etc.
  5. Aliengender: A gender that is an interpretation of a gender or genders, from a nonhuman perspective. May or may not like to fit into a gender and adopt a gender, but in a sort of ‘alien trying out foreign species’s gender’ way. Can be combined with relevant genders.
    1. Later definition: Not identifying with earth's gender binary due to being from another planet. Can also identify with a gender from another planet.
    2. Even later definition: a gender that is aligned with outer space and the galaxy, but not actually associating as those, but more specifically, as an inhabitant. this is a gender that is complex and mysterious, but is also floaty and free, much like the vast expanse of outer space
  6. Amaregender: a gender that changes depending on who you’re in love with
  7. Amicagender: a gender that changes depending on which friend you’re with at the moment.
  8. Amphisexual: (amphi=Greek root for both) attraction only towards those with the same or similar mental illnesses/neurodivergences as you do. note: only for neurodivergent people.
  9. Anongender: a gender that is unknown to you and others.
  10. Anxiegender: a gender that is strongly connected to anxiety, or when the more anxious you are, the more likely your gender will change/fluctuate note: for the use of individuals with anxiety disorders only
  11. Apollogender: When you have 9(ish, can be anywhere from 6-10) different distinct feelings of gender, but they have mixed into one big gender identity. Based on the Greek god Apollo, who was the god of 9 different things.
  12. Apsconsugender: a gender where you know what it isn’t, but not what it is. like the gender is hiding itself from you. from the latin word absconsus, meaning hidden, secret, concealed, unknown
  13. Aptugender: a gender that is just fitted for you, connected, and very secure in yourself. You may not know what this gender is, but it Is very strong and prepared. This term is based on the latin term aptus, which means fitted, connected, fastened and prepared.
  14. Archaigender: A gender that is ancient/old and big, and can either only be described with those words, or is correlated to them. Can be changed into archaiboy/girl/nonbinary/other.
    1. A gender that stretches far beyond one’s own age or lifetime. The vast-age of this gender has allowed it to grow far beyond whatever size/presence one would expect, or perhaps to shrink down and almost be forgotten.
  15. Ariegender: a gender that makes the person feel somewhat out of control because their gender identity is taking control of their life; after the zodiac sign- a person born under aries is known to be a true leader
  16. Arigender: derived from the zodiac sign aries. a complicated gender identity that you cannot explain or is very hard to explain. a gender that does not fit under any labels. an unfathomable gender.
  17. Arithmogender: a number gender. it can range from any number/s, positive, negative, decimals, fractions, etc. gender can be replaced with xirl, fluid, girl, boi, nb, nonbinary, boy, enby, etc.
  18. Arsgoegender: a gender that holds strong feelings of kinship with demons/devils/dark beings. This gender often leads to someone feeling or being kind on the outside but selfish on the inside, or mischievous on the outside and caring on the inside (or any similar variation). note: Preferably only to be used by demon/devil/god/spirit/angel - kin folk (and similar kin) but it’s open to anyone who wants to use it.
  19. Astergender: a gender that feels bright and celestial.
  20. Audiogender: the more you hear about a certain gender, the more you actively become that gender.
  21. Autigender: autism as part or whole of gender identity; a gender that can only be understood in context of being autistic. note: only to be used by autistics.
  22. Aventuregender: a gender that you find totally by chance and with luck, is a little hazy around the edges, but you feel completely at harmony with it and at times it reflects parts of who you are. From the gemstone aventurine (from avventura ‘chance’, because of its accidental discovery) known as the luckiest of gemstones, the ability to bring harmony into your life, and aventurescence, an effect exhibiting a glistening effect when rotated or looked at different points.
  23. Batgender: (a gender here) is very very strong when it is dark out, but is weak/nonexistent when it is light outside
  24. Boggender: a gender that feels like, or can be described/compared to a bog, swamp, marsh, fen, etc.
  25. Bordergender: a fluctuating gender experienced exclusively by people with BPD. A gender identity lacking a firm grasp on ones identity, while still experiencing gender, to varying degrees, but having trouble pinning it down to just one label or identity. Having the sense of grasping at labels as much as possible to describe a gender we keep questioning because we keep second guessing our sense of selves and, consequentially, our sense of gender. Can be combined with relevant genders.
  26. Bordersexual: an aro/ace spectrum orientation in which the individual cannot distinguish between types of attraction due to symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder (ex. feeling strong attachment to platonic friends that can be confused as romantic, personal identity instability, etc.)
  27. Buckgender: a gender encompassing masculine animal energy
  28. Burlesgender: A gender that is ineffable, extremely hard to label, but flamboyantly and fabulously androgynous. Not meant to be taken 100% seriously. First coined as Ziggystardustgender; changed due to this referencing a real person.
  29. Cadengender: a gender that’s easily influenced by music.
  30. Caedgender: a gender which has been “cut away” by a traumatic event. A gender that was once felt but has been damaged or lost due to trauma." FOR TRAUMA SURVIVORS/PTSD SUFFERERS ONLY. from the latin "caedo" meaning "to cut"
  31. Caedsexual: a feeling that one was previously able to experience a particular kind of attraction, but that ability was lost due to trauma or other negative events.
  32. Caelgender: an aesthetically centered gender that is largely focused on space related things (such as stars, aliens, planets, galaxies, and black holes)
  33. Cancegender: an individual is agender as their “base” gender but experiences fluid/fluxing gender feelings in tandem with their emotions. These gender feelings may confuse or upset the individual and cause their emotional state to go haywire, which causes more gender changes.
  34. Caprigender: a gender inspired by the zodiac capricorn. either a capricious, rapidly changing/untrackable gender or a gender experience that relates to capricorn in some way.
  35. Cengender: a gender that can be summed up as an unidentifiable thing but manifests as hundreds of different genders or non at all at any given time at the same time and/or separately. Fluid and ever changing.
  36. Cennendgender: where your gender identity is heavily influenced by your parents or guardian figures, from the old English word cennend meaning parent.
  37. Chaeinsexual: sexual attraction to those whose kintype either hunts or is hunted by yours, i.e. fawnkin being drawn to wolfkin. This is not to be confused with abusive dynamics, rather, it draws from the natural ties of death and rebirth in the wild, but between two kin represents a simple form of mutual protection and reliability. From the french word chaeine, meaning chain or bond.
  38. Chelogender: from the scientific word for turtle (chelonii). a gender that is protected by another gender that acts as its shell. the shell could possibly come up in social situations or situations where one is uncomfortable.
    1. Later definition: a gender associated (visually, spiritually, as a kingender, etc.) with sea turtles. Subset of ichtyogender.
  39. Choixesexual: only feeling romantic/sexual attraction towards individuals the person decides to feel romantic/sexual attraction to
  40. Circgender: gender so magical and grand you can’t describe it. named after Circe, goddess of magic.
  41. Circsexual: sexually/romantically attracted to all things magical. can be used as a prefix: circpansexual, circdemiromantic. named after Circe: goddess of magic.
  42. Cocoongender: a gender that has not come out yet, a gender that has yet to emerge in its full form
  43. Colorgender: a gender associated with one or more colors and the feelings, hues, emotions, and/or objects associated with that color.
  44. Contigender: 1. a gender that flows through space and time and constantly changes, always moving 2. a gender of or related to space and time this gender can be used by itself or along with another gender to describe its state of movement e.g. a conti agender or a contigender demigirl.
  45. Corugender: where your gender changes during (and around) flashbacks. based on the Latin for flash (coruscans) note: only for neurodivergent people.
  46. Cosmicgender: a gender so vast and complex that you are only able to process a small bit of it at a time. like viewing the night sky through a telescope you cannot hope to see all of it at once however you may gain more knowledge about parts of it the longer you focus on one part. may contain any number of sub genders within it that may present themselves to you. it is infinite in its possibility. name from the vast reaches of space filled with things we cannot begin to imagine.
  47. Chrystagender: when your gender randomly changes, and you often feel broken or fractured between multiple different genders. For example, on one day, you might feel like you’re 110% agender, but on the next you’re broken into demigirl&nan0boy, androgynous, etc. Whether you feel like you switch between these genders throughout the time period, or feel like all at once, is up to the person.
  48. Cyclogender: a gender identity that changes with one’s menstrual cycle
  49. Daimogender: when you feel your gender is closely related to demons or the supernatural. this is not exclusively for demonkin, though if anyone uses it, [the coiner] would like them to be involved in supernatural things. a person does not require dysphoria to be daimogender. "daimo" comes from the word "daimon," which was the original greek word for "demon."
  50. Deaboy: for masculine-identified or partially masculine-identified people that still feel a connection to feminine energy due to their spirituality. Intended for pagans but totally okay for anyone who practices goddess worship or feminine energy worship of any kind. (dea means goddess in latin.)
  51. Deergender: a gender that is explored through timidity and caution, but blossoms into something natural and cute.
  52. Deogirl: for feminine-identified or partially feminine-identified people that still feel a connection to masculine energy due to their spirituality. Intended for pagans but totally okay for anyone who practices gods worship or masculine energy worship of any kind. (deo means god in latin.)
  53. Digigender: a digital gender. it can range from any digital thing or file; virus, malware, .txt, .mp3, anti-virus, trojan, email, etc. gender can be replaced with girl, xirl, nonbinary, nb, enby, fluid, boy, boi, etc.
  54. Diurnalgender: a gender which blooms/is strongly present during the day and retracts at night
  55. Doegender: a gender encompassing feminine animal energy. Can be used by kin and non-kin
  56. Dotsexual: an orientation in which one is willing/able to give a certain extent/amount of affection/action, but, similar to akoi- one would tend to refuse any reciprocation of those actions.
  57. Dreadsexual: a sexual orientation that fluctuates from feeling no sexual attraction to feeling sexual attraction. When sexual attraction is felt, it is usually accompanied by a strong feeling of dread or anxiety.
  58. Dulcigender: an aesthetically-centered gender that is associated largely with stereotypically feminine things (such as pinks, frills, buns, and general cute things).
  59. Earthgender: a gender identity that is directly affected, tied to, or influenced by the earth or  nature. or; a gender identity similar to/the same as that of some form of earth deity. Note: this gender identity is not to be used by duotheistic pagans or wiccans, because of the general consensus in those faiths that the earth deity being worshiped (mother earth) is a female. it can be used by non-duotheistic pagans, non-wiccans, and non-pagan otherkin whose kintypes are nature-based (naturekin, forestkin, faekin, plantkin etc)
  60. Ekragender: A gender you have blown up into a million pieces or destroyed by detonating or wish you could. Prefix from the Greek word εκραγεί meaning “explode.”
  61. Eldrigender: a gender (or possible lack thereof) which is dark, nebulous, and ultimately unknowable.
  62. Elementgender: where your gender consists of four primary parts that respectively feel linked to each element
  63. Eminosexual: a romantic attraction to those who are physically distant, e.g. long distance or online relationships.
  64. Ensenisexual: describes someone who is only sexually/romantically active or only experiences sexual/romantic attraction when upset or emotional.
  65. Épuiromantic: someone who is polyamorous but practices monogamy b/c the thought of maintaining more than one romantic relationship at a time is overwhelming. comes from the French word for exhausting, épuisant, b/c of the emotionally exhausting aspect.
  66. Erikagender: when you’re a nonbinary angel and everyone denies the fact that your gender exists (reference to welcome to nightvale) note: only for angelkin or night vale fictionkin
  67. Evasigender: a fluid gender that’s easily influenced by things, thoughts and beings around it, thus it tends to change a lot within a single day. derived from the greek word ευαίσθητος
  68. Explorogender: a gender dedicated to feeling and exploring many other different genders at random times and its constantly changing (explorogender can change DAILY and you can change it daily, explorogender is just a name FOR that desire to constantly explore and change your gender, also can change the word gender to ANY gender/noun of what you're feeling) note: this does not extend the ability to explore genders people don’t have access to (neurodivergent and cultural ones, etc.)
  69. Faegender: when an individual’s gender changes with the seasons, equinoxes, and moon phases.
    1. Later definition: a gender related to The Fae — a gender that changes with the seasons, equinoxes, and moon phases, and/or a neurogender related to the Changeling myth (which is about autistic people)
  70. Fascigender: a gender largely related to a special interest; note: only for autistic folk.
  71. Faunagender: a gender influenced by animals
  72. Feusexual: attracted to people depending on the weather; only feeling sexual / romantic attraction when it is warm. Comes from the word ‘Feu’, French for fire.
  73. Fictigender: when your gender is connected to the fictional character(s) or species you identify as.
    1. when you feel like genders in the real world don’t apply to you because you identify as a fictional character or species note: this gender is only for the use of fictionkin
  74. Fictionalsexual: attraction to fictional characters.
  75. Filogender: a gender that is thread-like and fibrous. Not particularly strong or visible on its own, but can become almost unbreakable when bound together with others. Can be used on its own (filogender), with the “gender” bit replaced with the gender it describes (ex. filoproxvir), or in conjunction with another descriptive gender (ex. filovirusgender). Inspired by the Italian word “Filo”, which is used to refer to thread, string, and strands.
    1. Simplified definition: A gender which only exists or feels present when thought about or when a conscious effort is made to notice it.
  76. Fionagender: when your gender only becomes truly fixed when you fall in love.
  77. Fissgender: a gender experience that is in some way split, similar to bigender or demigenders.
  78. Fixesexual: a sexual orientation where the person is rarely attracted to anyone sexually, but when they are attracted they become obsessed with that person. note: this orientation is only to be used by people who are neuroatypical. this does not excuse the actions/behavior of the individual to the person they have these feelings towards.
  79. Foggender: a gender being mostly or around a certain gender (or mostly around a certain gender), but is only approximate on account of difficulty defining it due to one’s neurodivergence (vaguegender) or brain fog (foggender). based off of gendervague and genderfog, with similarities to paragender and magigender.
  80. Fraysexual: Someone who is only sexually/romantically attracted to someone that they are less familiar with, and lose interest when they get to know the person. [Old French: An Ash tree. Old English: Stranger.]
  81. Freezegender: similar to frostgender, but it also emcompasses other genders as well. such as a freezegirl experiencing both a cold and snowy gender but also being a female, for example.
  82. Frostgender: a gender which is cold and very snowy.
  83. Genderale: a gender beyond human understanding, mainly associated with plants, herbs, and liquids. a natural, organic, and relaxing gender. note: only for plantkin, foodkin, or related kintype usage.
  84. Genderblank: a gender so indescribable that the only thought one gets when trying to describe it is a blank space
  85. Genderblur: where your gender changes constantly but fades away into something else rather than making a hard or abrupt transition. (ex. feeling like a boy, then slowly feeling more stargender than boy, then feeling only stargender, etc.)
  86. Genderclipping: not a gender in of itself, but a means to describe yourself when your feelings about gender are so intense or “loud” that you are having trouble making sense of them. Based on the sound phenomena of “clipping”, where a sound signal is distorted (sometimes until it can’t be recognized) because it’s too intense for what it’s being routed through.
  87. Gendercute: when your gender is literally anything that fits your definition of “cute.”
  88. Genderdormant: a gender which is inaccessible for stretches of time, then rises to the surface with varying levels of intensity
  89. Genderfae: an experience of genderfluidity that never encompasses feeling masculine.
  90. Genderfox: a gender that is fast moving, mischievous, confusing, and hard to catch into one term; note: only otherkin (specifically those with kintype(s) relating to foxes or kitsunes) are able to use this.
  91. Genderfree: a gender identity which is generally ambiguous, but definitely queer in nature.The owner will tend to pursue expressions, presentations and such without concern for gender associations associated with them. Can also embrace days presenting as very femme or very masc, etc. A blurry, cloudy, whimsical, free sense of gender. Can/often co-existing with other gender identity labels; Dysphoria can, but does not have to, motivate the sense of gender and/or gender expression of this person on any given day. Similar to gender fluid, but does not necessarily have as much fluidity. More of just the exploration of different aspects of the same identity (although this is flexible, as gender tends to be for genderfree folks)
  92. Genderhoarder: when your gender is fluid or flux, but you can’t find just a few terms to describe what your fluctuating gender is, so you “hoard” gender terms that fit you. This term is similar to drakefluid but is not exclusive to dragonkin or otherkin.
  93. Gendermotive: (motive as in automotive). It’s like genderfluid except changes are more sharp and in a particular order, like using a gear box to change speeds.
  94. Gendernull: a gender like gendervoid but without the void. Undefinable, intangible, the uncreation of gender. Its taking everything everyone throws at you, saying male, female, pick one, pick this, pick that, and taking it in, only to expel it, poisonous crystals erupting from your skin, armor against those who don't listen. A 'I don’t want a label because labels don't fit but they help shut people up sometimes, so here have a label' gender label. A fall-back plan, a red herring to give people who can't conceptualize the absence, void, nullification of gender. It is, and is not. All and none. Nonexistent but present.
  95. Genderopaque: a gender experience that is neither transparent or translucent.
  96. Gendersad: a subset of agender in which you not only feel like you don’t have a gender but the thought of it deeply saddens you
  97. Gendersea: like gendervoid, but related to the ocean. your gender is a vast sea of caverns and depths yet to be discovered. free for all to use but made with otherkin related to the ocean or sea creatures in mind.
  98. Gendersilence: a gender that is impossible to communicate, mostly just expressed by silence.
  99. Genderspiral: A fluid identity where your gender seems to go in circles, but it never quite returns to the exact same gender, only to a similar one.
  100. Genderunique: a gender that cannot be described by existing terms, it is very unique and personal. it is more up to interpretation by the individual that identifies with it than anyone else.coined by: anonymous.
  101. Gendervoid: a gender consisting of the void (also/originally used to mean the same thing as genderless).
  102. Genderwave: when your gender feels like you’ve taken bits of things and woven them together to make a new gender, namely: slow or otherwise really chill sounds, nostalgia, old soul music, and other vaporwave-themed things. Derived from Vaporwave.
  103. Genderwhat: a gender characterized by both confusion and apathy with regards to either a fluid or stable gender identity."1 It is further defined as "being unable to understand the concept of gender at all because of one’s neurodivergence (all neurodivergent people).
  104. Genderwitched: You are intrigued or entranced by the idea of a particular gender, but are not certain that you’re actually experiencing it.
  105. Genogender: where you identify specifically as a gender and therefore do not categories yourself within the same bounds as others
  106. Glarosexual: attracted to people depending on the weather; only feeling sexualtraction when it is cold. Comes from the word ‘Glace’, French for ice.
  107. Glassgender: a gender that is very sensitive and fragile, it feels more broken/damaged the more it is invalidated/hated on; it can be used by itself or with other genders, e.g. glassboy, glassgirl, glassnonbinary, etc.
  108. Glimragender: definition: a faintly shining, wavering gender.
  109. Gloomgender: nonbinary/indifferent. mostly darkness, the new moon phase, apathy and a mix of a bit of masculinity, bit of femininity and lack of gender. can include sadness, grief and depression.
  110. Gloomsexual: a subset of asexual/aromantic in which there is not only a lack of sexual/romantic attraction but it is replaced by feelings of apathy and sadness towards the idea of sex/romance.
  111. Gurogender: closely relating gender to guro/gore type cultures/fashions.
    1. Later definition: A gender based in gore and gore subcultures, such as menhera, hanahaki, candy gore, and pastel gore.
  112. Hallowgender: a gender closely tied to halloween, but rather than being dark and scary, is silly. tied to halloween aesthetic
  113. Hardcoregender: an gender that’s rly loud/aggressive/really expressional
  114. Heasexual: kind of an all-encompassing thing for glarosexual and feusexual. Attracted to people depending on the weather and temperature. Comes from the word ‘Heavens’, the sky above
  115. Heliogender: similar to agender; a strong sensation of warmth and genderlessness. from the root word, helio, meaning “sun”. an intense and burning sensation of gender (or lack thereof).
  116. Hydrogender: a gender that has a water-like quality to it in that it has varying depths, sudden waves, and gentle currents. sometimes it is powerful and intense, and other times it is slow and calm.
  117. Imnigender: a gender defined by anxiety. Not “your gender makes you anxious” so much as “anxiety is your gender”. note: only to be used by people with anxiety disorders.
  118. Impediogender: a nonbinary gender which is most often subdued or silent, but becomes more intense whenever it is challenged or one is in a situation in which their gender makes things more difficult, such as when faced with a form that only allows binary gender options to be checked. E.g. If you’re non-binary and feel it mildly, but if you’re given a form where you have to check ‘male’ or ‘female’, your feeling of NBness spikes up. Impedio- coming from the Latin ‘hinder, obstruct’.
  119. Imperigender: a gender that you can sort of control- a fluid gender that you can ‘push’ into a certain gender by “wanting” it very much or just thinking about that gender a lot.
  120. Impesgender: a gender that flips quickly and impulsively, often too quickly to be traced.
  121. Imprigender: a fluid gender that is easily and quickly imprinted upon or influenced by its environment. it is often hard to pin down as one particular gender. can sometimes be voluntarily controlled.
  122. Inanimgender: a gender that is similar or connected to inanimate objects. coined with objectkin in mind but is not exclusive to them.
  123. Jellogender: where you only faintly feel a gender; it’s definitely present but you kind of have this vague, dissociated feeling with it, kind of like if you were to encase the gender in jello!! (‘cause like it’s visible, but its kinda covered in stuff)
  124. Jellygender: when your gender rocks back and forth throughout the day/week/month/whatever. A subset of genderfluid. Sometimes you feel your gender(s) really strongly, and later you might not feel them at all, or are neutral.
  125. Jugagender: a gender that feels magical and mysterious coined by anonymous.
  126. Jupitergender: when your gender is so large and present, you’re not quite sure what it is because it’s too big to see clearly but it is definitely there and you know you’re definitely not cis.
  127. Kairosexual: someone who only feels sexual attraction at the precise moment when certain conditions are met (the conditions could vary from person to person). if the conditions are not met, then no sexual attraction is felt. from the ancient Greek word “kairos”, meaning the “supreme moment”, or the right/opportune moment.
  128. Kangaroogender: a fluid gender that “leaps” from identity to identity.
  129. Kingender: a gender somehow related to being otherkin.
  130. Kronosgender: (after the Greek god of time) where you are a different gender at certain times of the day.
  131. Kynigender: when you feel like you’re figuring out your gender, but then you get confused about it due to the anxiety/stress it causes you and have to start all over again note: this gender is only for people with anxiety disorders.
  132. Lamingender: a gender experience composed of layers or slices.
  133. Libragender: A gender identity that is mostly agender, but has a connection to masculinity and/or femininity, and/or other gendered feelings. That connection may be static (libragender, librafeminine, libramasculine, etc) or fluid, where one feels that the gendered feelings one experiences change (librafluid). Based on the zodiac sign Libra.
  134. Limnosexual: sexual attraction only piqued by depictions of sexual acts (eg drawings or writing), not the acts themselves in real life.
  135. Lovegender: your gender is defined by love for other gendered people who are treated badly, and a love for your own gender as well.
  136. Masochgender: a gender that becomes more and more established/defined as it is invalidated/hated on (from the word masochistic)
  137. Mathgender: a precise but complex gender that, the more you explore its intricacies, the more bizarre it becomes.
  138. Medeigender: when ones gender feels whimsical, mysterious in a light, fun way, or magical. can also be used as medeigirl/medeiboy.
  139. Melogender: a musical, harmonious gender. you can interpret it in your own way.
  140. Mercesual: one can not pinpoint their SEXUAL orientation for it is ever changing
  141. Metagender: to identify around or beyond a gender. Where your gender identity is almost that gender, but not quite, and also extends beyond that. Imagine that —- is you, and | is the gender identity (and identifying fully with a gender is —-|), then metagender is —- | —-
  142. Minugender: for people who only identify as a gender for minutes at a time.
  143. Mirrorgender: a gender that changes to fit the people youre around.
  144. Moongender: a nonbinary gender connected to the moon and various aspects of it (the goddess Artemis, werewolves, etc.)
  145. Mortegender: a gender that died along with the concept of a fixed gender identity as soon as you realized you weren’t cis. Unique to you and nothing at the same time.
  146. Monstrosexual: sexual or romantic attraction to demons/monsters.
  147. Multigender: a gender identity for those with multiple kintypes who each have their own gender identity; note: only for use of otherkin"1
    1. "A term for anyone who experiences more than one gender identity. It can be used as a gender identity in its own right, or can be an umbrella term for other identities which fit this description. Multigender identities include bigender (two genders), trigender (three genders), quadgender (four genders), quintgender (five genders), polygender (many genders), pangender and genderfluid (variable gender). Multigender people may experience two or more gender identities at the same time, or their gender identity may change over time (genderfluid)
  148. Namegender: a gender that is best described by one’s name, good for those who aren’t sure what they identify as yet but definitely know that they aren’t cis. it can be used as a catch-all term or a specific identifier, e.g. johngender, janegender, (your name here)gender, etc.
  149. Nesciōgender: a term for neurodivergent people who have difficulty grasping the concept of gender. these individuals can combine nesciōgender with another identity that they think may fit (i.e., nesciōgendervoid). from latin nesciō ((i) do not know).
  150. Neurogender: A gender feeling that is strongly linked to one’s status as neurodivergent note: obviously, only for use by neurodivergent people; can be used as an umbrella term for other neurodivergent-related genders..
  151. Neusexual: being only attracted to individuals who are genderless and/or sexless.
  152. Nocimasexual: the attraction to anyone who isn’t a cis boy.
  153. Nōlōgender: a term for neurodivergent people who have difficulty grasping the concept of gender. distinct from nesciōgender in that the individual has no particular desire to investigate their gender, as doing so is overly difficult due to their inability to understand the concept of gender. from latin nōlō, ((i) do not want).
  154. Noungender: a gender thats best described by a noun, particularly good for synasthetic people. eg: seagender, a gender best described by the sea. very flexible and personable.
  155. Nyctogender: where your gender is pure darkness
    1. a gender consisting of darkness or related to it.
  156. Nyctosexual: the sexual/romantic attraction to pure darkness or dark surroundings OR only feeling sexual/romantic attraction in the dark.
  157. Obruogender: when one’s gender is swelling or overwhelming to one. Used when somebody is overwhelmed or overpowered by their gender identity, to an even uncomfortable or suffocating feeling.
  158. Odysseogender: Where your gender isn’t set in stone right now and you’re on an “odyssey” to find out what it is. Based on the Greek hero, Odysseos.
  159. Ogligender: you identify with 2 or more genders, but a maximum 5. you are a few genders, but not as many as polygender, and not as few as bigender.
  160. Oligosexual: one who does not experience sexual attraction except toward a few specific people
  161. Omnigay: for genderfluid people who are attracted to whichever gender they are at the moment.
  162. Oneirogender: being agender, but having recurring fantasies or dreams of being a certain gender without the actual dysphoria or desire to actually be that gender day-to-day. e.g. oneiroboy, oneirogirl, oneirononbinary, etc.
  163. Oppogender: when you feel/are two (or more) contradicting or generally ‘opposite’ genders at the same time, such as being simultaneously completely gender-null and another gender.
  164. Opscugender: a dark, murky gender, hard to describe or see.
  165. Pantheogender: gender orientation of a deific figure who’s orientation changes in accordance with the individual worshiper’s beliefs.
  166. Pendogender: never being satisfied with your gender or feeling settled no matter how well it fits due to self-doubt, causing one to compulsively search and seek out something that fits even better. Gender perfectionism. The “gender” part can be replaced by the closest fitting gender at any time, ie pendojuxera/pendo-agender. For neurodivergent folks only, coined with people with anxiety disorders, OCD, and OCPD in mind.
  167. Philtosexual: an orientation in which a person can feel attraction and their associated acts, but does not desire relationships associated with that form of attraction and may quickly get bored of them.
  168. Pixiegender: based off of pixelgender; feeling a small amount of a certain gender and being related to magic.
    1. A gender linked to the aesthetics or energy of fairies.
  169. Placiosexual: in which one feels little to no desire to receive sexual/romantic acts but expresses interest/desire in performing them on someone else.
  170. Platonisexual: when someone feels no difference between platonic and romantic attraction.
  171. Praegender: a gender identity similar to xenogender, but much greater in the span of things. it’s a god-like gender far outside beyond the normal cognizance of gender that it’s omnipresent, not null, but other, and beyond mortality and time.
  172. Praestosexual: When one feels attraction and wants a relationship but because of their status as neurodivergent, they feel repulsed with the thought of someone being in a relationship with them and having to deal with them. (Can be related to low self esteem.) Comes from the Latin word praesto, meaning “to be responsible for”. -flux can be added if this fluctuates in intensity.
  173. Preciogender: Old French: ”precious, costly, honorable, of great worth”. Could be referenced to having a gender identity that once considers valuable or has particular fondness, or having a conviction that ones gender is unique, precious, and valuable to ones self and/or the world at large.
  174. Proculsexual: having sexual feelings only for people they’re sure they can never be in a relationship with, like fictional characters, celebrities, etc.
  175. (Pronoun)gender: a placeholder-type gender for if you are unsure what you identify as just yet. a way of being non-specifically nonbinary. i.e, theygender, aergender, (your pronoun/s here)gender
  176. Puzzlegender: a gender that feels pieced together, or still needs to be pieced together by the wearer to uncover the full picture.
  177. Quagender: a gender that shifts with the four seasons to sunnygender (summer), raingender (spring), crispgender (fall) and snowgender (winter).
  178. Quizgender: where many different genders sound like they could fit you, but its difficult to make up your mind; in relation to when you’re taking a quiz, and you think one of the answers is correct, but then another one also looks correct, and you just have trouble deciding.
  179. Recugender: to identify with your birth gender, but you refuse to be cis; to be used as recugirl or recuboy. From the latin word “recuso”, meaning “to refuse”.
  180. Robosexual: sexual/romantic attraction to robots.
  181. Rootgender: a gender that seems to “branch off” into several other genders but also containing a “core” gender.
  182. Rosegender: a gender that is layered and thorny. trying to hold onto the gender and pick apart every layer only causes emotional pain and stress. you can also have subtypes, ie rosegirl: a gender that has origins in girlness but you can’t quite place in what way.
  183. Scattergender: gender is kinda all over the place, but who cares?
  184. Schrodigender: a single gender that exists as if it were many genders at once.
    1. A gender which you can both feel and not feel.
  185. Seconder: possible alternative to tangender if you feel like you have more than one gender with certainty but still flow beyond them; inspired by the secant function graph but mostly by the concept of a secant line.
  186. Secogender: for people who identify with a gender for seconds at a time.
  187. Sequencesexual: only experiencing sexual attraction to someone after experiencing romantic attraction to that person.
  188. Sexusgender: you feel that your sex and gender have a special bond with one another; your gender defines your biological anatomy. If you are agender and feel that special connection, you would be a sexusgender.
  189. Shellgender: when your gender is thin, though clearly identified, and yet feels somewhat hollow and unfelt. can be used with other gender identities e.g. shellboy, shellgirl, etc
  190. Shieldgender: a gender that is sacred and needs to be protected. When asked what your gender is you feel the need to shield yourself from the question.
  191. Shiregender: a gender that is small, peaceful and cosy but still strong. meant for hobbitkin, but can be used for nonkin too.
  192. Sin(e)gender: having two or more genders and flowing between them and reaching everything in between; inspired by the oscillations of a sine function graph.
  193. Skhizeingender: a gender that is strongly connected to schizophrenia, or having a gender that is difficult to describe or communicate because of being schizophrenic. only to be used by individuals with schizophrenia or schizophrenia related symptoms.
  194. Skygender: a gender that varies in clarity—one day it may be clear and easy to read and process but then it may just cloud over and become confusing.
  195. Slithergender: a gender where your identity consistently and smoothly moves around, flowing neatly in a way that’s relatively easy to follow but sometimes inconsistent
  196. Snakegender: when your gender slips away every time you try to reach for it to figure it out, and it’s always changing and it’s really scary to confront so you just try to avoid it.
  197. Snarlgender: a gender characterized by sharp teeth, claws, and all things vicious and ferocious, perfect for destroying truscum and cis folk. can be snarlboy, snarlgirl, snarlnonbinary, w/e
  198. Solussexual: only feeling sexual attraction when on one’s own, even if it is to other people.
  199. Spéciosexual: only romantically/sexually attracted to people with one specific trait, regardless of gender. for example: only being attracted to artists or people who wear pastel clothing.
  200. Speciosexual: in which when one becomes sexually or romantically interested in someone, that said person becomes their special interest note: only for use by autistic folk
  201. Splitsexual: [attraction to or by] only those who experience splitting.
  202. Staticgender: a gender that is literally like static on a tv; fuzzy + incomprehensible.
  203. Stororomantic: only feeling familial love, not romantic love. E.g when you’re attracted to someone, you feel a strong familial attachment to them, like they’re an older sibling. It comes from the word ‘storge’, meaning familial affection
  204. Stromagender: a gender which fills up the space around you; a gender which occupies others
  205. Synthgender (aesthetigender): a gender defined by its artificiality. a gender that relishes in being entirely made up. it could be that your gender or your view of gender is that it is an artifice, a mask. it could be something you’ve built out of many things - a designer gender. a gender that is decidedly ‘not real,’ not organic.
  206. Tachigender: Like argogender but regarding rapidity, a gender that changes quickly or that otherwise has to do with high speed. Prefix from the Greek ταχύτητα meaning speed.
  207. Tangender: having one gender felt with the most certainty, but then at times flowing away from it and quite possibly beyond; inspired by both the tangent function graph and the concept of a tangent line.
  208. Targender: a dark, thick gender obtained through the destructive distillation of gender.
    1. Later update: A dark, thick gender obtained through the destructive distillation of gender. Also it’s flammable. Coined with Tar (Creature)kin specifically in mind, but for anyone’s use.
  209. Tauragender: a term use to describe when someone’s gender stays the same for an extended amount of time due to the comfort they feel with that gender. The gender may change but the individual is reluctant for that change due to stubborness. But when they do allow the change it is usually for the better. The prefix is from the constellation Taurus: The Bull.
  210. Tempgender: a gender that changes constantly, and feels like it’s always being replaced with some new gender feeling.
  211. Tenuigender: a small, delicate gender, very tentative and fragile.
  212. Teratosexual: attraction solely to monsters.
  213. Thymsexual: feeling attraction which varies depending on emotional state.
  214. Timosexual: fear of being in a sexual/romantic relationship (because of perceived faults) timore comes from the latin for fear.
  215. Tragender: a gender that stretches over the whole spectrum/orb-y thing of gender
  216. Traumatagender: a gender that varies; it can change a lot, it could be unknown, it could just be there, it could be nonexistant, etc. whatever it is, it was based from intense trauma. should only be used by those who have experienced or are going through what they consider intense trauma. derived from the prefix trauat-
  217. Undisexual: attraction to everyone except cis people. note: only for those identifying as nonbinary/trans
  218. Vasegender: a gender that feels/seems fragile, but holds something beautiful.
  219. Vectorgender: when your gender is in the direction of something, but not actually that something. ie a vectorgirl would be someone with a gender pointed in or traveling in the direction of girlness, but who is not actually a girl.
  220. Venngender: when two genders overlap with each other, creating a whole new gender; in relation to a venn diagram
  221. Vestigender: A gender that blankets another, stronger, gender. It’s the only visible gender, but underneath there is much more of the blanketed gender than there is of the blanket gender.
  222. Vibragender: a gender where for most of the time youre one gender, and then all of a sudden theres loads of fast fluxing like a vibration.
  223. Voidsexual: an asexual spectrum orientation where your sexuality feels like a void or hollow feeling where your sexuality should be, rather than just a lack of attraction.
  224. Volcanogender: a gender that is dormant most of the time but sometimes erupts with extreme heat and intensity, similar to how volcanoes erupt it can be used by itself or combined with other terms, e.g. volcanoboy, volcanogirl, volcanononbinary, etc.
  225. Volitsexual: a[n]…orientation where one feels romantic/sexual love that is not directed at anyone.
  226. Voraciogender: when your gender centers around multiple flavors. A big part of being voraciogender is craving more flavors and gender experiences. Can be voracioboy, voraciogirl, voraciononbinary, but is ideally expressed as just “voraciogender.” From Latin vorcer, “to devour.”
  227. Wint(e)gender: similar to blizgender, but like freezegender, it also encompasses a second gender. a winteboy might experience both a cold, harsh, and snowy gender, but also being male, also for example.
  228. Xenogender: a gender that cannot be contained by human understandings of gender; more concerned with crafting other methods of gender categorization and hierarchy such as those relating to animals, plants, or other creatures/things.
  229. Zeogender: when your gender fluctuates massively during a storm—based on Zeus, the king and god of lightning.


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